GSW Telecom designs, deploys and manages wired and wireless networks. We use best-in-class solutions to deliver you a smart Wi-Fi solution so you can do more with less. We build your WiFi network utilizing RF modeling and design tools that ensure you have just the right number of access points in the correct locations so each wireless device can communicate effectively with maximum bandwidth at minimal cost.

From a single hotspot access point, to city-wide Wi-Fi networks with thousands of access points, we provide fully managed turnkey network solution to meet your needs.

What We Deliver

  • Design and build a WiFi network to meet your needs today and tomorrow.
  • The equipment you need to effectively operate your WiFi network solution.
  • Project management
  • Network management
  • Guest/user support (24/7/365 help desk)
  • Network Bandwidth and Cloud connections
  • Leasing
  • Captive portals
  • AAA services

Over 50 Internet Carriers

Over 99.9 Network Reliability

Cyber Protection

How to Get Started

Our customers have called us “the easiest way to get into WiFi!” All you need to get started is to contact us. Our turnkey solutions have everything — and we mean everything – you need to earn money from the minute you plug into your Internet connection. Our system works with all Internet connections – Fiber optic, Cable-HFC, DSL, T1.

GSW Telecom can extend your network to your entire facility with the design and installation of our outdoor radio network. Starting with the “head-end” node and antennas on the roof of your clubhouse or office, we link wirelessly to edge nodes placed on existing light poles or other structures around your facility. Each placed to provide optimal coverage for all your guests. We complete the package with Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) that can provide Ethernet hand off, and wireless bridging.

GSW Telecom – headquartered in Tucson, Arizona — delivers industry-leading customer experience and network solutions in the Southwest U.S. and across the country. We serve regional customer locations in Tucson, Phoenix, Albuquerque, Salt Lake City, San Diego and Las Vegas, Nev.