The Cloud is a great technology that can provide businesses with space, flexibility and security. But its real value is how it elevates your experience with your customers.

GSW Telecom is "avid" about finding the right solution for you and then delivering that solution to you with the best network available anywhere, anytime. We like to think of ourselves as delivering to you "All Voice. All Internet. All Data. All the time." And Cloud solutions are part of that equation.

Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX provides phones as a service. Instead of high up-front expenses, Hosted PBX offers the same capabilities at an affordable and predictable monthly price. Now you will be able to budget more effectively.

Managed Services

"Be Proactive" is our motto for Managed Services. Instead of hiring just one tech person to manage IT Infrastructure, why not hire an entire team of engineers to support your customer's business? We have access to trained and certified engineers in different areas to ensure quick response and problem resolution.


Voice, Internet and Data solutions are always unique to each individual business. Sometimes you only need one network provider, but often the best solution requires the services of several. Most network providers offer great products and service, but with a limited selection. We partner with more than 50 of the "best-in-class" providers so you get access to industry-leading, flexible, and customized solutions.

GSW Telecom 's priority and commitment is making sure your business' telecommunications and infrastructure operates at an optimal level based on your specific needs and budget. GSW Telecom's customers experience the best solutions that connect their Voice, Internet, and Data to any network, or the Cloud, simply, securely and seamlessly. GSW Telecom has the expertise, equipment and solutions that keep your wired, Cloud and wireless networks ... always "on."

GSW Telecom – headquartered in Tucson, Arizona -- delivers industry-leading customer experience and network solutions in the Southwest U.S. and across the country.  We serve regional customer locations in Tucson, Phoenix, Albuquerque, Salt Lake City, San Diego and Las Vegas, Nev.